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    Viral Strategy: Know How To Make A Viral Marketing Campaign

    Viral – this word is more than what it seems. It has the power to relay a message that can change the views of the audience from all over the world. It has the power to speak to anyone with just one click of a button. And, it can even make anyone, anything become famous or a figure of disappointment in an instant.


    After the tremendous emergence of social media, the word viral has never left the spotlight. It has made a huge and significant impact on almost everything especially in the business and marketing industries. When a product ad or campaign becomes viral, it somehow implies that people are actually giving their attention to the video. The viral “phenomenon” happens when the video gets a huge number of likes, views, shares, and comments, making the brand more popular than usual.

    Although the effects of having viral videos can be very good, it is not debatable that people have grown to be more critical and judgmental. Feeding the people with different kinds of videos can either be taken positively or negatively. It all boils down on what the videos contain.

    On the road to viral stardom…

    If you want to achieve a “viral status” for your brand, you must be able to create a video or any campaign that captures the attention of the audience. You can start off by thinking of ideas and concepts that your audience wants to share. Current events, useful and factual information, realities that stir emotions – these are just a few to mention concepts for your videos. But, don’t ever go deceiving the audience. It’s going to be a huge mess if you mess around with your consumers.

    Make the people realize that they can get something out of the products from your business. Don’t go overboard by putting everything. As much as possible, keep it simple and straight to the point. If videos are lengthy, you can add humor to erase their boredom while they watch. Create videos that can make anyone look clever and smart for sharing.

    When the road unexpectedly turns to the wrong path…

    Since you are actually selling your products and that includes services, it is inevitable not to please everybody. There will always be complaints and unsatisfied customers that pull down the credibility of what you sell.

    The number of complaints should not matter that much. Even if there are just a few set backs, they are still going to affect your business. Neglected complaints can lead to angry customers. Angry customers would then blurt out their disappointments, thus leading to fewer customers.

    So when these instances happen, you only have one option to fix the problem, and that is to improve the products or services you give to your consumers.

    And the main road is all about…

    There is no such thing as perfect viral marketing campaign. Every video is and will always be given subjective criticisms. Therefore, creating viral marketing campaigns isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a responsibility that must be carried out well. You must carefully think if the content appeals to the majority without hurting anyone.


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