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    10 Social Media Practices To Avoid For Online Business

    Although social media has dominantly taken over the world, there is still a percentage of the world population that is starting to get to know the interactive sphere of social media. The limitless sphere makes it challenging for beginners neophytes to understand, to the point of not knowing how, where, and what to begin.

    For those who are planning and are already starting to use the powerful social media, here is a guide of the 10 most common social media marketing practices that you need to avoid while doing your business.

    1. Giving 101% attention to Facebook

    Facebook – the one that started it all. Undoubtedly, the launch of Facebook made the face of the cyber world more famous than anyone can imagine. But when you venture in online business, don’t give too much attention to Facebook. There are other online portals that you can explore and utilize, especially if your priority is SEO and web traffic.

    2. Simultaneously taking care of many social media outlets

    It may not be ideal to focus too much only on Facebook, but it isn’t also ideal to work on many platforms simultaneously. You might not be able to arrive at desired results when you’re focus is too divided.

    Just take one step at a time. You can start by building up one or two networks. When those profiles have gained enough likes and followers, then you can start with a new set of networks. There will come a time when your profile will just organically grow without spending too much time on them.

    3. Taking shortcuts to increase followers

    All forms of social media have their own rules when it comes to building of connections and followers. If you happen to break any of the implemented rules, you have a big chance of losing everything that you worked for. They may stop you from accessing your profile for a number of days. Thus, the progress of your online business will definitely go slower than usual.

    To avoid this from happening, just add or remove 10 to 20 followers a day. Don’t go overboard of adding 50 persons for each network every day. It wouldn’t do you any good at all.

    4. Being followed but not following back

    This is one of the most common social media management mistakes that most beginners do when they start venturing into the online business. You follow or unfollow a number of people. But, you missed the chance of following those people back. Unfollowing them will lead to unfollowing you as well. It creates a feeling of neglect when you don’t follow them back.

    For the time being, it is best to follow back those who follow you. When things have settled in after a month or two, you can try to remove those people whom you think are unnecessary for in your network.

    5. Not knowing the differences between business and personal profiles

    Most social media platforms have a section for making a business profile. Before you can have your business profile, you must first create your personal account to access the business page.

    Remember, they still set rules to be followed when making your business account. Once you have the page, you can use it to promote your posts from your own website.

    6. Oops! Thinking that social network profiles are not important in SEO

    You may not know, but there are SEO good points if you treat your profiles like your own website. Aside from online visibility and web traffic, the profiles you create further increase your presence in search engines and social media. Pay attention to the titles, descriptions, and links you use. Your posts? Be creative and original.

    7. Sharing content ONLY from your website is too exclusive

    Having social media accounts is building connections and sharing interesting yet useful content coming from different websites. Don’t just share what you posts on your website. Think of ways on how to keep your followers on your side and how to get the attention of other followers. Stay connected with prominent people and share their posts, too. Don’t stop there. You can create conversations by commenting and participating in discussions.

    8. Not adding images to your posts

    Wordy posts are too boring. Add a key ingredient called photos and images to brighten the mood of your posts and eyes of your followers. This is a very effective social media management.

    9. Neglecting the power of #HASHTAGS

    Perhaps, this is the easiest way to keep up with latest news and updates. Hashtags are preceded with “#”, then the trending keyword or any word you want to share. There are no spaces in between the symbol and keywords. Example: #HappyNewYear

    10. Forgetting that social media is about interaction and engagement

    Don’t forget that you’re doing an online business, so do your best to interact and engage with your followers who are likely to become your customers. Stay in touch with them personally.

    When replying to your followers’ messages, don’t use auto-reply messages. Make them feel that you spare time for their queries and concerns.


    There is no question on how powerful the social media is. When used properly, anyone can actually be successful in the online business. Anyone can also become more competitive. And, with the current setting of the business industry per se, social media is a must-have to become more profitable in the future.

    For those who are still new to the social networking environment, you can avoid these common mistakes for a good start.


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